-Jamie Nguyen
-CLHS; Junior

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I never believed people when they said Junior Year was the most difficult year of high school. I thought everyone was exaggerating and I could make it work where I would still get more than 8 hours of sleep a night, go out like usual, and do other things I did in the past. I’m stressed. I told myself I would never say that sentence until after high school, because high school is the first and easiest step leading up to my future. I’m lucky if I can squeeze in 5 hours of sleep every night, aside from those lucky days I get 3 hours of sleep, then I wake up an hour early than the usual to study for a quiz or test that day. Also, I spend my Friday’s doing homework now. Freshman and Sophomore Year I went out to eat or go watch movies with my friends every Friday… Now all of us are stuck at home doing assignments. I like my schedule and classes, but not the work given. I have the nicest English teacher, but she’s the hardest grader. I realized recently that you can’t have the best of both worlds. English has always been my strongest subject until this year. My teacher gave me an 82 on my Summer assignment that was A+ material, she didn’t even give me an explanation on why I got that either. I hate people. End of today’s story. 

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Got ready for nothing errrr (Taken with GifBoom)


Got ready for nothing errrr (Taken with GifBoom)

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